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Water-based, creamy paint in metallic and pastel colors to create half-spheres or dots.

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Pearl Pen is a paint in a pen, thanks to which you can achieve wonderful decorative effects in the form of a pearl, teardrop or relief – depending on the application technique. The mass applied to the surface takes the shape of a semi-pearl and hardens after approximately 8 hours. It is non-toxic and hand washable. Perfect for use in both decoupage and scrapbooking techniques. It can also be used to create jewelry, decorations on fabrics (blouses, trousers, hats, etc.) or in the stencil technique to make contours. It is also great for decorating cards and albums by drawing contours, making inscriptions or pearl tears and dots. In the decoupage technique, it can be used to additionally decorate objects, thanks to which you can achieve extraordinary decorative effects. When creating jewelry, it can be an imitation of real stones.

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