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Metal flakes 100 ml M7


Metal flakes to create gilded or other metallic surfaces. Contains 1 gram of flake. Use with the Metal Leaf Glue and seal your project with solvent based varnish or with the Pouring Glaze.

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Delicate foil flakes are ideal for creating gilding. The petals are glued with gilding glue. After drying, remove excess gold with a soft gold brush, smoothing its surface. Perfect for decoupage and scrapbooking, for decorating objects made of wood, glass, plastic, plaster, cardboard or stone, e.g. furniture, caskets, wooden frames, sculptures, jewelry, cards, albums, etc. Available in regular, mixed and variegated colors. These contain metal and the solvent based varnish will prevent oxidation over time. The package contains 100 ml of flakes.

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