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STUDIO OIL Fine Artists’ oil color, the modern premium quality with an optimized price performance ratio, is ideally suitable for the demanding artist and student. The oil colors contain only brilliant and valuable pigments with a high light fastness in high concentration.

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LUKAS STUDIO OIL colors can be used on various painting surfaces, whether on canvases, painting or wooden boards. It is recommended to use a pre-treated painting surface, which is isolated due to its primer, preventing the binder from being absorbed and the color from losing its shine. A dash (0,5-1,5%) of the finest bleached beeswax as one of the ingredients gives the color the famous buttery and short consistency and makes the color-film less brittle for the restorer. The binders are, as in all LUKAS oil assortments, only pure vegetable linseed and sunflower oils of special quality.


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