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CRYL TERZIA acrylic paints are well pigmented, light acrylic paints for schools and studio work. Their viscosity makes them ideal for quick application on large surfaces. These paints are fully inter-mixable with other LUKAS Acrylics.

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The use of a high-quality binder in optimum concentration ensures very good adhesion of the CRYL TERZIA acrylic paints so that they can be applied to almost all materials, provided they are dust- and grease-free. Ideal are all open-pored substrates such as acrylic paper, cardboard, stretched canvas, wood and modelling materials. The quick-drying paint can be used directly from the bottle or diluted with water. Thus, you can create very opaque to translucent works of art. The paint can be applied with a brush, a spatula or a paint knife. LUKAS CRYL TERZIA acrylic paint is ideal not just for classic artworks such as on canvas or paper, but also for underpaintings, decorations and stage designs. The paint dries to a satin finish and the viscosity also allows for quick application on large surfaces.


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