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Transfer liquid 25 ml


Image transfer medium is a synthetic solution designed to transfer images printed on a laser printer to smooth, porous surfaces . Images and motifs are transferred to porous materials such as wood and plaster, but also to paper, cardboard and cardboard, textiles and others.

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Use: Place the transferred image face down in the desired location. In the case of a font, first mirror it. Using a cotton swab, apply the image transfer medium to the image and let it soak in the solution carefully. Using a wooden spatula or a metal spoon, press the image from the paper onto the decorated surface. Remove the paper and fix the motif with varnish. Work in small areas so that you have time to press the motif into the desired place before the transfer dries on the paper. Image transfer medium is best combined with monochrome motifs, sketches or text , because the image transfer will not be completely sharp on all edges. The transfer creates a vintage shabby look .

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