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Universal, water-based thick paint that can help draw or highlight patterns to create 3D effects. It can be applied to any surface, including fabrics, glass, and porcelain. You can pair these contour liners with paints, glues, crackles, and metallic finishes for mixed media, scrapbooking, and decoupage projects.

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After drying waterproof and dishwasher resistant. Excellent for glass and textile painting as well. When applied on fabric, fix with an iron (maximum synthetic composition: 20%) using the cotton grade for at least 30 seconds. Place parchment paper on the rear side so the fabric becomes safe to place in washing machines using the delicate cycle. For glass or porcelain, let the paint try for 24 hours. Then cure in the oven for 30 minutes in 100-degrees Celscius to make the finished product dishwasher safe.

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