About US


We are CREATIVA MIDDLE EAST STATIONARY TRADING LLC, Provide the valuable quality services to help all the artists to achieve their goals and live their dreams.


A. To enhance people’s lives through fun, inspiration, creativity and self-expression and to share helpful information on creating, marketing and selling art for artists of all levels.

B. Building our art business as top level service model to help all Middle East and International customers.

C. Organize the world‘s art collections, information and make it universally accessible and useful.


If we make a promise, we will do everything in our power to keep it. We will never lie or twist the truth to serve our own ends. We aim to be trusted and know that this can only be accomplished by being totally trustworthy.

We will never lie to a customer, supplier or business partner. We will never knowingly exaggerate or manipulate the truth to deceive or mislead for any reason.

We treat all our customers with the utmost respect and consideration. We believe that the best way to do this is to provide our customers with the exact product or service that they want and can afford. We will never pressure or manipulate our customers.

We are committed to uncompromising quality and workmanship in every product we sell and service we provide. We will not cut corners, even on the hidden parts of the products we create. And we stand behind our commitment to excellence. If you buy a product from us that ever fails because of a mistake made by us or faulty workmanship on our part, we will do what it takes to repair or replace it, free of charge.

We are committed to the community in which we operate and we will do what we can to support the needs of our community and to promote other local businesses. As our business grows, we will remain committed to our local community and will increase our support in direct proportion to our ability to do so.

As artists and lovers of art, we see ourselves as being in the business of creating and promoting the spread of beauty. Through the artwork we offer, through the prints we create, through the commissioned pieces we paint, in our local exhibitions, and even in our art classes, we offer products and services that create and promote the beautiful.